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Larva aims to display Chaplin's comedic and slapstick visual performances.  
A straightforward and unsophisticated visual communication without any deep metaphorical meaning  
Two strange worms, Red and Yellow, live under a grill of a sewer drain. They relish in the things that fall from above, including chewed  up bubble gum, melted ice cream, coins, rings, you name it. They sometimes get into trouble, happy and quarrel over possession of these things. Also, simple matters to humans like rain, heat of midday, mosquitoes, flies can bring them emergencies.  


Theme Subject matter
- Involving things that are discarded into the sewer
(a coin, a chewed gum, a melted ice cream)
-Involving other characters entering into the sewer
(a fly, a mosquito, other bugs)
-Involving changes in weathers, or natural disasters
(a rainstorm, a blizzard, intense heat)


-A conflict arises between the worms in the process of wanting to prossess something.
-A hardship is cause a by exterior influences.


A small red maggot.    
Violent and impetuous.
Specializes in throwing a flying kick
with a scream like Bruce Lee.
Tries to abuse Yellow but somehow 
always ends up suffering.


A taller yellow maggot
Acts silly and gluttonous.
likes Red regardless of Red's abuse.
Usually obeys Red until his hunger instinct kicks.


A mysterious giant bug.
Usually scans inside the sewer with his head sticking out.
When threatened, exposes full body and displays monstrous teeth.


A long horned beetle, a school bully style. 
Very strong and has powerful fists.
Does not pick on others deliberately.


A fly and a god of stink.    
Others dare not to get close due to foul smell.
Always lonely and sad because he is by himself.


A snail, occasionally appears into sewer.
Does not seem to look threatening but spits out deadly
liquid which instantly make everything slow.


A deep sea fish and only appears into    
the sewer when it gets flooded.
Has a good appetite and gulfs everything that moves.
Sees Red and Yellow as food.


An insectivorous plant, dormant under the ground 
of the sewer as in form of a seed then sprouts onto 
the ground when the time comes. Eats all bugs so 
he is an enermy against all insects. Except for 
Violet who is stronger than Green.