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In my fridge, a story and adventure sweeter than the ice cream are in hiding!
Foods sleeping in the fridge are alive and coming to us: a little sausage becomes a monkey, an egg becomes a rabbit, a radish becomes a hippo, a cucumber becomes a crocodile, and a carrot becomes a donkey! This unique and spiendid characters created by combining the foods in the fridge with the animals are the biggest distinctive feature of "Fresh World Cocomong". 
All stories in "Fresh World Cocomong" start from the heart of children who want to be loved, approved, and cared by others. All children are naive and immature and have to learn how to love and accept each other. What will happen in the Fresh World today? Let's go with Cocomong to the Fresh World where the interesting adventures are waiting for us!
Fantastic Journey with Cocomong for Good Personal Characters
(Children Education Project optimized to the personal character of each child)
The project purpose of "Fresh World Cocomong" is to help children build a good relationship with their friends by recomposing various situations which frequently occur among the 4-7 year-old children.
With this program, children can learn the virtue required to get along with their friends. This program organizes the values required to develop the sociability of children, such as apologizing, forgiving, helping, appreciating, enduring, being frank, keeping promise, and etc., and helps children understand and learn the values by themselves easily and pleasantly.


  SBA Festival (SICAF) Technique Awward in 2007 - Seoul Business Agency
  Superior Technology Prize at SPP 2007 - Seoul Business Agency
  On-air in EBS and Tooniverse in 2008
   - 1st place in audience rating (2.59%) among the EBS programs within the serialized broadcasting period, as keeping 39.6% in occupancy rating among the range of 3-5 year-old children.
  Special Prize at 2008 Korean Character Awards (Character Design Award)
  - korea Creative Content Agency
  A Mark Award in 2008 (ASIAGRAPH in Shanghai)
  Selected as a Korean Cultural Contents Character for Figure Business Support in 2008
  Appointed as PR Ambassador of World Vision for Children in 2009 (the first ambassador as an animation character)
  President Prize at Character Award 2009
  Licensed more than 50 companies and released 130 character products


Hello! My name is Cocomong.
i used to be a sausage. but look! Now I am a 
Monkey! I am very inquisitive and good with
my hands. i love making new things. Wolud
you like to see my newest invention?


Hello! My name is Aromi.
I used to be an egg..but look! Now I am a 
cute Bunny! Some might say that I am a little
prim, but actually I am very understanding
and compassionate. I think I am also sensible
and intelligent. If anything happends in Cing 
Cing Village I will always be there to help
solve the problem!


Hello! My name is Robocong!
I am Cocomong's greatest invention!
I love to eat fruits and vegetables and they
also supply me energy and special powers.
I can fly and also transform into many cool
things! Don't worry Cing Cing Village!
I will protect you from the Virus King!


I am the great Virus King!
Once I conquer Cing Cing Village I will be able
to make my Virus Kingdom! I have invented  
Mold-Bot and other things to attack Cing Cing
Village but... Cocomong and Robocong is
stopping me from polluting Cing Cing Village!
I must come up with another plan!!!
Just wait Cocomong! Nobody can stop me!!


Hello! My name is Candypang!
I used to be candy..but now I am a cat.
I think..I am the prettiest, wittiest and
smartest cat in Cing Cing Village.
That's why my job is to trick Cocomong
and friends


Hello! My name is Potatopang~
I used to be a moldy potato..but look!
Now I am a beaver! I love anything that is 
dirty. Mold, germs, you name it!
I also like sweet and greasy food!
Exercise and eating vegetables...
Never!! Vegetables taste terrible!


Hello! My name is Padak!
I am a trouble maker and always move
here and there busily. I always wake up
earliest in the morning, so I doze off in
the afternoon.


Hello! My name is Kaero!
I used to be a carrot..but look! Now I am a
donkey! I love to sing and dance! I know..
sometimes I get shy or forget things from
time to time. But i think I am the most
popular in Cing Cing Village.


Hello! My name is Agle!
I used to be a cucumber..but look! Now I am an
alligator! I am the cook in Cing Cing Village.
I love to cook for my friends and hear that they
enjoyed my food. Sometimes I can be a bit
gullible and sensitive but I always try to make
my friends happy!


Hello! My name is Doori!
I was a mushroom and a radish..but look!
Now I am hippo! I try to be reliable and
trustworthy to my friends. I also love to draw
pictures and paint! So you can call me the
artist of the village.


Hello! My name is Omong!
I was a shrimp..but look! Now I am a puppy!
I came to Cing Cing Village on one snowy day,
and i have been living with Cocomong since!


Hello! We are Doo Cong, Sae Cong, Nae Cong.
We are the pea brothers!
There is grumpy Doo Cong, shy and bashful
Sae Cong, and always hungry Nae Cong.
Sometimes we quarrel and the pea pod
seems too crowded for the three of us, but
we always look out and take care of each