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CANIMALS fashion is best worn with pride.    
It can be added to any clothing combination. 
CANIMALS products are flavorsome 
And will tantalize trend setters hunger.
Cute graphics,  
Cheeky Images,
Comic text
and Collectable nature
Packed Into simple chic style...
Guarantled to last well beyond their expire dates
This style guide has been created to give  
designers multiple options for creating 
CANIMALS style to suit the region where
products will be sold.
Use the graphics in this manual as tools to create 
high quality, visually stunning and amusing
images that reflect the CANIMALS concept.


        CANIMALS travel from their planet using vending 
machines as portals between our world and theirs; 
giving them the ability to POP up at any time and
anywhere as long as humans are not there to cause
their own comical mayhem.
The basic concept of CANIMALS has been crafted to
give the brand a marketing advantage for
merchandising, point of purchase, tv animation,
interactive web, and themed spaces. Consider these
aspects when applying CANIMALS brand in P.O.P
displays and packaging.


Always making friends with everybody...with everything.  
Super-friendly and super-nalve, he keeps jumping around excited,  
yapping with sparkling eyes and wagging his tall.  
Hyperactive ATO has a short memory and an infinite fondness for repetition:  
he can wave "hi", hit himself or get scared with the same object over and over.  


Pink-loving dog with a princess complex.
MIMI is fashionable and narcissist in extremely ridiculous manner:
she can sped hours in front of any surface with her reflection 
or think of a hazelnut as the most fashionable hat.
She thinks that all the CANIMALS love her especially FIZZY.


99% hunger, 1% brain.
Little bit slobbery and grumpy, ULY jogs around bitting first and thiinking later
when he doesn't find anything to eat, ULY tries to catch his own tall.
From time to time he coughs up non-digested items swallowed before.
He has a platonic love for MIMI, even though she detests his habits.


The solitary stealth Canimal.
Sneaky and tough, FIZZY's impassive look only changes
when touching textures that provoke him into purring and hissing.
FIZZY uses his elusive, fast and super-agile skills to collect objects of interest
- the shinler, the better. Due to his ative lifestyle he is also prone to accidents.


What a dangerous world!
NIA is a perpetually scared cat. Extra-cautious, she observes everything 
suspiciously. Any unexpected sudden noise or movement makes her  
hide in the can and shake. Cute, pretty but very dependant. 
OZ loves to alarm her.


Walking on the Wild Side.
OZ is a reckless extreme  experience seeker with more than 9 lives.
She grabs, pulls or jumps over everything:
her rebellious nature and tomboy attitude means that
she easily creates instant trouble and multiplies the chaos around her.


NIA and OZ there's a whole
bunch of different CANIMALS:
hamster, rabbit, turtle, owl,
skunk... or even an elephant!


List of Canimals Awards 2009-2011
2009 - Established VOOZCLUB and launched CANIMALS
2009 - CANIMALS won 2nd place for the screening at Mip Junior 2009 among 1,050 properties
2010 - CANIMALS won the best program at the kids Jury 7-10 at Mip Junior 2010
2011 - President's winner of Korean contents award